My Spartan Race Training Schedule


Racing competitively in Spartan Races requires a lot of time. At first I stuck with my normal routine of 2 days on one day off. I mostly hit the gym and only went on a run a couple days a week. After the Boise Sprint, in June 2016, I knew I had to change things up. Not only did I increase the number of workouts per week, but I also included two a day workouts. As a student I have always been skeptical of two a days. But after doing it for awhile now, it has really helped my performance. In the longer workouts I would have to pace myself to make sure I would finish strong. But now I can split them up into two and increase the intensity in each. Below is the routine.

The Routine


Morning= HIIT workout

Afternoon= Sandbag workout


       Morning= 30-60 minute Run


Morning= HIIT workout or 30-60 minute Run

Afternoon= Lift workout


Morning= Hill sprints with sandbag, bucket, or none


Morning= HIIT workout

Afternoon= Sandbag workout


Morning= 30-120 minute Run


Foam Roll, Stretch, and Meditate

Sample Workouts

Here is a list of some of my workouts. Each one is linked.

HIIT workout

Sandbag workout

Bucket workout

Stretch Routine

Foam Roll Routine

Lifting Routine




Overall this routine can be pretty time consuming. I do stretch everyday and try to foam roll and meditate as well, but on Sunday I just make sure that I do an extra long session of each to take care of my body and mind. Also, I take epsom salt baths every night after a two a day workout. This routine can be very taxing on the body so make sure to ease into it. I hope you enjoy!


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