Everyday Workout Warm up

After the Spartan World Championship Race, I realized how important it is to perform a great warm-up. Especially when the weather outside is cold. In the past, I would perform this short less than 5 minute warm-up before races. I was doing well so I thought it was working just fine. The the championship race hit me with the cold conditions and I knew I had to change something up for the colder race seasons. Below is my warm-up I do for all my workouts and my races. It has really helped me prime myself for physical activity.

The Warm-up

5 minute jog

Lateral leg swings (8-10 each leg)

Forward and back leg swings (8-10 each leg)

20 body squats

Knee up and grab lunge (5 each leg)- Standing, Pull your right knee to your chest with your arms. Next, go into a forward lunge with your right foot in front. Repeat using your left leg.

Knee massage (30 seconds each knee)- with your thumbs massage all around your knee caps.


I love doing this warm-up before my workouts. It makes me confident that my muscles are ready to go. I implemented it shortly after I would get hip pain during my runs. The hip pain shortly subsided. I hope it works great for you as well!


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