Simple Curry Pasta – Weeknight Dinners

Happy Tuesday!

Today I have a recipe for one of my absolute favorite weeknight dinners! Vegetable Curry Pasta! It is ready in thirty minutes and can be made with whatever veggies you have in your fridge. I make this dinner about once a week, especially in the summer. The ingredients I used are just my go to but feel free to customize!

I hope you enjoy!



  1. To start off, prep all your veggies and then dice your onion and zucchini and chop your cauliflower into small florets.
  2. In a large skillet over medium heat, add in a few tablespoons of your favorite cooking oil or water and add your veggies so they can start cooking down.
  3. While your veggies are cooking, fill a large pot with water and set it on high heat. Once it is boiling, add in your pasta and follow the instructions on the package until they are ready. Strain and set aside.
  4. Once your vegetables are fork tender, add in your curry sauce and coconut milk. Add your seasonings and mix thoroughly.
  5. Pour your vegetables and sauce over your cooked pasta and give it one last big stir and you are ready to serve!

Servings: Makes 4-6 servings
Prep&Cook Time: 30 minutes

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you try this recipe out!

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The Gluten-free Pasta Debate




Have you been wondering which gluten-free pasta will suit your fancy?

A delicious gluten-free pasta is hard to come by, usually they are mushy, bland and unable to do the job of a gluten pasta. But, in recent years there has been so many new gluten-free pastas on the market and they continuously get better and better. Here are some of my favorites for every taste and budget!

Disclaimer: Obviously, I am not a Nutritionalist, the health rating is based on what I feel is healthy and how I feel after eating the pastas.

Tolerant Foods: Organic Lentil Pasta $5.69 (depends on the store)

For a long time I act very strictly low glycemic and so I cut pasta out of my diet completely. When I stumbled across lentil pasta, I was so excited because I could enjoy pasta again! I get mine from my local Whole Foods in the pasta aisle. They have a bunch of different shapes and they have a variety of red and green lentil pasta! The taste is definitely lentil like, but bearable with some sauce or seasoning. This pasta has a ton of protein, and usually a bowl of it would fill me up completely. One note is when cooking this pasta has to be boiled for a very long time, I usually cook it for around 10 minutes until it is soft. If it isn’t soft it has a strange flavor and won’t be very tasty! This pasta is definitely on the pricier side but if you are eating low glycemic or want to get some more protein, iron in your diet I would definitely recommend it!

Health: 10/10

Taste 6/10

Trader Joes: Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta $2.99

Now this pasta is the most bang for your buck! This pasta can be found at your local Trader Joes in the pasta aisle. We buy this pasta all the time and I think it definitely gets the job done, however I do feel like this pasta lacks in texture, it can lose its bite quickly so you have to be careful while cooking it. I prefer to not have rice pasta since in my experience it is the worst quality gluten-free pasta but mixed with the quinoa this one rocks, the ratio is 80% brown rice flour, 20% quinoa flour. A great gluten-free pasta that is easy on your wallet.

Health : 8/10 (Why I choose quinoa over brown rice)

Taste: 8/10

Ancient Harvest: Super Grain Pasta $3.89

This happens to be my all time favorite gluten-free pasta. I love love love the blend of quinoa and corn, I feel like it is the only pasta I have ever tried that really holds up to sauce in texture! I buy this pasta at my local Whole Foods, it comes in so many different types, I am praying they make lasagna noodles soon ha! If you are looking for a pasta that is not too expensive and can fool a non-glutenfree eater than this one is for you! It has a delectable taste and to be honest this brand has changed the way I think about gluten-free pasta!

Health: 9/10

Taste: 10/10 

Thanks for reading and I hope you go enjoy some pasta!


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