The Best Vegan Ice Cream: Amy’s Kitchen Cool Scoops

P1150345Mocha Chip, up close and personal

Welcome Ice Cream Lovers!

Vegan ice cream comes in all shapes, sizes and flavors. But they are not all created equal. Some are icy, too sweet, or maybe they just have a punch in the mouth of overwhelming coconut flavor. So, when you find a delicious, creamy treat you need to rave about it. And that’s how I feel about Amy’s Ice Cream! It started one day when they were on sale at Whole Foods, we decided to try mint chip and see what this brand was all about. And it didn’t disappoint! Now, we have tried all four flavors and currently have a well stocked freezer of their ice cream, it is truly beautiful. With all that said, let’s get on to the review!


This ice cream has (to me) the best texture of any vegan ice cream I have ever tried. It is creamy and frosty, I have noticed that the chocolate and vanilla flavors are very creamy and thick and the mocha chip and mint chip are more smooth with airy texture. If you are going for something that will fool your non-vegan friends, this is it.


This ice cream comes in four flavors. Mint Chip, Mocha Chip, Vanilla and Chocolate. Each flavor is so delicious and holds its own against competitors. I would have to say our favorites vary from day to day but usually the mocha chip or mint chip is in there! (I haven’t ever been that into plain flavors).


At our local Whole Foods the price is usually $6.99 per pint, but they often go on sale for $3.89-6.19 and we try to buy in bulk during sales to save some cash!


Overall I would give this ice cream a 10/10, no other vegan ice cream has even come close.

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