Bucket Workout

Probably the most difficult Spartan Race Obstacle for me is the bucket brigade. The grip on the bucket is awkward. The bucket itself is awkward to carry. And the strain it puts on the body is pretty hard to recreate. That is why I made my own bucket, on my previous post here, to practice this obstacle. It is a killer workout as well.

 The Workout

First get your bucket and either find a treadmill or a hill you can run up for at least 30 seconds. The incline should be around 5-15%, depending on your liking. Next follow the workout:


Here is my warm-up

Main Workout

Run with bucket 30 seconds to 1 minute

Rest double the amount of the working set. If you are on a hill walk down the hill and rest the remainder of the time

Repeat 10-20 times

Wrap -up

After this workout you will really see what you will need to strengthen for this obstacle. In addition it will help you find the grip that works best for you. I hope you enjoy it!!


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