Test Kitchen: White Bean Cookie Dough

Today’s test kitchen is on a recipe I have been wanting to try for ages! White bean or chickpea cookie dough! I have to be honest it sounds disgusting, but I have seen so many people raving about how you don’t even taste the beans, so, I thought it is time to face my fears and try it out!

The recipe I used is from the blog Oven Love, the only change I made to the recipe is instead of honey I used maple syrup for sweetness! To check out the recipe and original post, click here!

The cookie dough came out looking a lot like what cookie dough should look like. Very creamy and smelled delicious, and for the taste test….. it was pretty dang good! The nut butter (I used almond) does make it taste a little less like chocolate chip cookie dough and more like nutty cookie dough but hey that is a compromise I can make for healthy cookie dough! I definitely would rate this recipe to around a 8/10, the only reason it is not a 10/10 is because it is a much a healthier version of cookie dough so it will have the taste of something a lot healthier! But who cares! You eat with your eyes, right?

I hope you try this one out. It is a wonderful cookie dough alternative and really fun to make! Thank you to Natalie from Oven Love for coming up with such a great recipe!



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