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Happy Friday Everyone!

I am always on the hunt for a great falafel recipe. I have a recipe I use but it is fried and requires flour so I am constantly looking for an alternative recipe that is flour-free and baked!

I stumbled across a picture on Pinterest from Joy Food Sunshine blog it was of beautiful green oven baked falafels so I gave the recipe a go!



This recipe caught my eye because of its’ healthy ingredients. I loved that this recipe uses flaxseed instead of any flour. I knew that if it turned out well I would be making these falafels A LOT.

The whole process went smoothly, even forming the patties which sometimes can get sticky. I placed them in the oven, flipped them half way through and hoped for the best!

When they were finished baking they were golden brown and solid patties. They turned out exactly how I had hoped for! But the real test, was the first bite. The texture was perfect but I was a little underwhelmed by how the falafel tasted. I like very lemony, and seasoned falafels so it could just be a preference but if I were to make these again I would definitely add some lemon juice and fresh cloves of garlic. But after squeezing lemon juice over the falafels and dipping them in hummus they were perfect!!! I loved trying out this recipe and love Laura’s blog Joy Food Sunshine.

Rating: 7/10, I just need more of a kick in a falafel but these were a great base for the perfect falafel!!

To check out the original recipe click here! 

To go to JoyFoodSunshine blog click here! 

Thank you to Laura for making such a great recipe and creating a lovely blog, I look forward to trying more recipes!

Happy Cooking!


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