Everyday Detox Soup

I used to start everyday out with a smoothie. It was lovely, but my breakfast wasn’t cutting it. I went to a nutritionalist who recommended that I have a green soup every morning. It was weird to think about, a soup for breakfast? But, it made sense. Drinking something warm in the morning is light on the stomach and a great way to warm your body up in the morning. She recommended that I pack this soup with herbs and green vegetables, and that is what I have been doing. Everyday for breakfast I have this soup (or some version of it). I have been eating this for around 4 months now and it has definitely made a difference in how I feel. I love this soup for a fresh way to wake up and a light detox that helps to purify your mornings. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients, sometimes I even eat it for lunch, dinner, you name it!

This soup recipe makes around 6 servings (I freeze daily servings and heat them up for breakfast)


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  1.  Start by chopping up one onion and your zucchini, once the ingredients are chopped add them to a pot on medium heat with some water or olive oil.
  2.  As the zucchini and onion cook down, chop up your kale and green beans and add them in.
  3.  I let the vegetables cook down for about 5 minutes and then I add my vegetable broth. Once you have added all the broth give it a good stir, turn the soup up to high and cover the pot with a lid.
  4.  While the soup boils chop your parsley and cilantro and add that and all of your herbs/seasonings to the pot.
  5.  It is now ready to eat! I sometimes let it boil a couple more minutes or just eat it right then and there!
  6.  Optional: You can really add anything into this soup, other than these ingredients my favorite additions are sweet potatoes, or black beans! Yum!

Enjoy & Happy cooking!!



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