Easy 2 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Coconut Fudge

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Mothers day is coming up and there is no better way of saying I love you mom than giving her chocolate, especially homemade chocolate that she can indulge in without feeling guilty. This recipe is only 2 ingredients but there are endless additions and toppings! And as always this recipe is vegan and gluten-free! Yum! Let’s Get Started!

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  • 3 cups dark chocolate chip (make sure they are dairy-free, gluten-free)
  • 1 can of coconut milk
  • *optional* coconut flakes and almonds for toppings!


  1. In a medium pot heat up your coconut milk until it is just starting to bubble.
  2. Pour your chocolate chips into the coconut milk and take the pot off the heat and mix in the chocolate until it is melted and well encorporated.
  3. Line a dish (whatever dish you prefer) with parchment paper and pour in the fudge and smooth it out with a spoon over the top.
  4. If you want to, sprinkle your toppings over the top, I used a layer of coconut flakes and a couple almonds.
  5. Place in the freezer for 3 hours before eating! After that you can either store these in the freezer or refrigerator, it just depends on how you like your fudge!
  6. ENJOY!

Makes 12 large fudge slices
Prep time: 10 minutes, Freezer time: 3 hours

This recipe is so delicious and I guarantee will be a winner in your home too! When I first cut out dairy it was really hard for me to think of what treats I could eat but there are so many!! This recipe will make you forget about the fudge you have been eating since you were little because it is better and better for you! 🙂

Happy Baking!


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