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Anything corn related I love, cornbread, sweet corn mash (from Chevys), corn pudding, you name it! So when I saw this great recipe for corn fritters I had to try it! The recipe is from the blog Table for Two, and you can find the original recipe here! The recipe isn’t vegan but it is easily made vegan by switching out the milk for non-dairy milk! Let’s Get Started!

Making the Batter

The recipe is easy and simple to follow, while mixing the fritter batter I was getting so excited to try them out! The only thing that scared me about the batter was it did not look like it would be held together when I fried them but everything worked out as you will see šŸ˜‰ ****Also, I used non-dairy milk to make this recipe vegan.

Cooking the Fritters

I followed the directions and placed 1/3 cup of batter onto a skillet and pressed it into a patty. Once the fritter was golden brown I flipped them and THEY STAYED TOGETHER! Not one of the fritters broke apart, I was so shocked!

Taste Test

Now these looked pretty dang good and I have to say the taste totally matched. They were crispy and had a great herb flavor from the parsley! I made a little chutney dip for these and enjoyed!


This recipe is a must try for any one who has corn fever like me! They are super simple to make and sooooo delicious! 10/10 for sure!

Original Recipe: Corn FrittersĀ 

Happy Cooking!!!!


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