Best of Veggie Burger: Artichoke Burger

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Who says Vegans can’t have a great burger?

Lately I have gotten more into meat alternatives, maybe it is the summer heat and the urge to barbecue. This craving has led me into a trial of many different veggie burgers, and hot dogs! This week I wanted to share my favorite veggie burger I have tried (ever).  The Artichoke Burger by Five Star Foodies!

I found this baby in the frozen aisle at Whole Foods, they have a bunch of different flavors but I opted for the original artichoke burger. Boy was I not disappointed. So unbelievably delicious, this burger packs great flavor! I have been making them at least weekly for dinner with some french bread and a boatload of toppings. They have other flavors of course, I have also tried the french herb flavor which is delicious! I am always excited when I find a meat alternative that is first of all gluten-free and second soy-free! I don’t eat soy-free all the time but I prefer to avoid it as much as I can.

Before summer is over check out some of these burgers and get them on the grill! A wonderful meat alternative for anyone who is looking for a tasty burger made without gluten, and soy!!

Check out Five Star Foodies website here & where to buy!

Thanks for reading and hope you give these bad boys a try! Happy Grilling!


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