The Best Vegan Cheese: Test Kitchen

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After going vegan I searched for a long time to find a cheese that could stand alone. Growing up my favorite things at parties were cheese plates! Cheese on crackers simple and delicious! I read many other blogs that did the cheese test and I came across the brand Miyoko’s Kitchen, just from the pictures I could tell this was the real deal, so I headed to the store and picked up some of the double cream chive “cheese” and hurried home! I made some basil crackers to test it out on and here are the results!

Just “Cheese” and Cracker Test

I cut little slices and placed them on top of my crackers to test out how this cheese tasted without being melted or messed with. DELICIOUS. This product is so unbelievably creamy and filled with herbs! It tasted very decadent. I knew I had found the one. Seriously.

Melt Test

So this is where things got more interesting.. I melted the cheese on the crackers and tested it out. EVEN MORE DELICIOUS! I didn’t think this cheese could get better, I was so impressed, it got super gooey and the heat seemed to bring out different flavors in the cheese, so delicious.

Pizza Test

Lastly, I crumbled it on a pesto eggplant pizza I made for Mitch.  The cheese got pretty golden brown in the oven and I was nervous that the flavor might change into something… not so pleasant. But to my surprise the cheese somehow transformed again into something completely different. This might sound ridiculous but it tasted similar to sausage crumbles on pizza… amazing. So yeah it passes the pizza test.


10/10 Like go right now to the store and try it!! It is an expensive product but honestly is worth it to have a “cheese” experience that is the real deal. It is a handmade brand and you can tell when you look at one of these beautiful blocks of cheese. A bonus is when reading the label you can recognize all the ingredients which is not something you see everyday with vegan cheese. I am so impressed with this brand and I look forward to trying all the different types of cultured nut products they create!

To find a store near you or buy some cultured nut products (cheese) click here!

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