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This recipe has been on my Pinterest board forever. I mean what is better than a great bagel? After going gluten-free when I was in sixth grade I thought I wouldn’t ever get to enjoy a bagel again. Just about two years ago (before I was vegan) I found a great gluten-free bagel from Trader Joes! So that became my obsession.. until I kicked eggs out of my life and so I also had to kick the TJ’s bagels… BUT this recipe was sitting there waiting to be tested, so a few weeks ago I tested it!

Original recipe
Petite Allergy Treats

The recipe is from Petite Allergy Treats, a wonderful food blog with tons of delicious recipes! In the pictures the bagels looked so fluffy, golden brown, and pretty close to perfect! I decided to go ahead and try this recipe to see if I could finally have a good bagel back in my life.


While mixing the ingredients and forming the bagels, I was really impressed. The dough looked great and it seemed like everything was on track. But, when I left the bagels to rise, nothing happened. They stayed the same size and looked dense. I know that gluten-free flour is hard to work with so I decided to just keep going with the process and hoped they would be perfect in the end. After baking them and sprinkling them with salt I went in for my first bite. Not up to par. The bagels had great flavor but were doughy and dense. I was very disappointed because they looked awesome! I don’t want to say this is a bad recipe because the errors definitely could of been the flour I used since gluten-free flours are so different and tricky. If you are going to try this recipe make sure you use a really good flour and I hope it works out better for you than it did for me! I want to try this recipe a few more times with different flours and such but as of right now I give it a 5/10, great flavor, and does the job of a bagel, but isn’t a great one!

To find the original recipe click here! 

I love Petite Allergy Treats and in no way am trying to say the recipe sucked, there are many variables and a lot of human error can happen. Unfortunately, for me the errors got in the way! In the pictures the bagels looked glorious so I know there is hope! I will keep you updated if it works out later down the road!

Happy Baking!



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