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When I was a senior in high school I was working out at the gym and all of a sudden my lower back spasmed. My back felt okay, so I finished up my workout (probably wasn’t the best idea). That night I had trouble falling asleep and the next day it hurt whether sitting down, laying down, or standing. Eventually it calmed down a bit, but my back ached for the next 8 months. I was only 18 and I attended a lower back pain class at my local hospital. Everyone had me beat by at least 50 years. It was frustrating and I did whatever I thought may help it. That is where I went to a chiropractor. There the doctor prescribed me to perform a few exercises and many stretches. The stretches purpose was to loosen up my hips and hamstrings that were possibly causing the back pain. After religiously conducting the stretches every day my back soon was relieved. I promised to do these before and after my workouts, however I soon got lazy. Just a couple weeks ago my back did the same thing. I immediately started performing the stretch routine 2-3 times a day and instead of 8 months my back pain was gone with in a week. Now I try to execute these stretches before and after every workout and so far I have kept to that routine. Even if you are not going to workout this routine is a great way to jump start your day and get loose.

Perform each stretch for 10-30 seconds and go through the routine as many times as you like.

knee to chest


1. Knee-to-Chest

Lay on the ground flat on your back. Bend your right leg and bring your knee to your chest. Keep your left leg extended. Pull on your knee towards your chest to get a deeper stretch. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Switch sides.

leg over

2. Leg Over

Still flat on the ground, bend your right leg until your thigh points straight up and your leg forms a 90 degree angle. From there move your right leg over your body to get a stretch on the outer part of your hip. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Switch sides.

leg over knee

3. Leg Over Knee

When flat on the ground bend your left leg but keep your foot flat on the ground. Position your right ankle on the elevated left knee. Pull your left leg towards your chest to get a stretch in your right hip. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Switch sides.


4. Butterfly

Sitting down on the floor put the bottom of your feet together. Bring your feet so the lower parts of your leg for a horizontal line in front of you. Grasp both your feet and with your elbows push down on your knees to receive a stretch in the inner thigh. Hold for 10-30 seconds.


5. Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch

Get into a lunge position where your left leg forms a 90 degree angle with your foot flat on the ground. Your right leg should also have a 90 degree angle but with your knee and foot on the ground. From there move your left leg forward until you feel a stretch in the front of your right hip. Also, to help with this is to put both hands on the ground a little less than shoulder width to the right of your left leg. Hold for 10-30 seconds. Switch sides.

FLiped over knee to chest

6. Flip Over Knee-to-Chest

Just like the Knee-to-Chest stretch but now your are lying with your stomach down and on your leg. Make sure to have your leg slightly turned so both your thigh and calf are touching the ground. Once you feel a stretch in your utter thigh hold for 10-30 seconds. Switch sides.

Squat Stretch

7. Squat Stretch

Perform a squat as low as you can and put your hands on the ground straight in front of you. This is meant to open up the hips. Once you feel a stretch hole for 10-30 seconds. I recently added this to my routine and it is a greats addition.

After you finish go through it again if you like, especially if you are having lower back issues. I usually only perform hip stretches before I work out. They are the ones that I believe prepare me the best for my workout. I hope it works for you too. Enjoy!


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