San Francisco Super 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 10.58.50 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.04.24 PMWhat up!

In mid July I did the San Francisco Super! It was around 8.7 mile and around 25 obstacles. This was the first longer distance race I did this year, so it tested my endurance. I came in 7th overall and 6th in mens!! It was a major improvement I saw since the last race in Boise but there is still room for me to improve.


Even though I had a better placing I was still around 8:30 minutes behind the 1st place finisher. The main difficulty was the running itself, especially the hills. At one point there was a very steep incline for around a half a mile. To improve my endurance I am going to keep with the treadmill and stair stepper workout I mentioned in the Boise Sprint Post. I just need to up my speed for each incline variation on the treadmill. Also, I need to do more hill sprints at a  higher incline compared to the treadmill to improve my performance on the hills in the race.


Again, like the Boise Sprint, the top finishers sprinted at the beginning of the race. They built this lead that I was not able to breakdown. I thought I was going at a great pace because I was either passing or keeping up with the people around me, when in fact I was no where near the pace of the top individuals. In a future race I need to try to stick with the top people in the beginning to really push myself to keep up with their pace.


The obstacles I had the most trouble with were the sandbag and bucket carries. The sandbag carry is where you carry a sandbag up a hill a short distance and back down. The bucket carry involves filling a bucket with gravel and carrying it up a hill and back down. It wasn’t that I was unable to do the obstacles but I was not fast enough. At the sandbag carry I was catching up to two men but noticed that they were a lot quicker carrying the sandbag especially downhill. I assume it was the same thing for the bucket carry.

Overall I was very happy with the outcome of this race. The improvements I need to make are key for my my future races.

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