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Before I went vegan I didn’t really think much about what was in my protein powder. I only cared about getting enough protein after my workout. Then I read an article that discussed the amount of chemicals and toxins that are in many of the top selling powders, including the one used. Due to the inorganic ingredients the presence of pesticides is prevalent in many of these supplements. So, I transferred over to plant based protein powder. First I went with Vega protein and greens. Vega has two flavors vanilla and chocolate. Both are quite tasty. The vanilla is a great addition to a morning fruit smoothie as well. What I really like about vega is that you get 2 full servings of greens with your protein. Also there is no sugar added which is found in many of the non-vegan top selling proteins. Even with out the sugar I found Vega to taste better than my previous protein powder. As a student Vega can be a little pricey for me at times. So, I tried out Orgain Organic Protein plant based powder. So far I have only tried creamy chocolate fudge but they also have a vanilla flavor. It is cheaper than Vega, but for those saved dollars you sacrifice those servings of greens. Like Vega there is no added sugar and Orgain only contains organic ingredients so there are no remnants¬†of pesticides. Since the only flavor I have tried is creamy chocolate fudge I have not put it in my fruit smoothies but sometimes I treat myself to a scoop of almond butter with my protein shake.

Vega Protein Powder: 29.2 Ounce, $47.30

Orgain Protein Powder: 32.48 Ounce, $22.50

Both of these protein powders I would recommend. Even though they are vegan they pack a large amount of quality protein in each serving. One thing I love to add to my protein shakes are chia seeds. The chia seeds create this goo substance that makes your protein shake have more of a milk-shake consistency. You just have to put it in the fridge for a little while after adding the seeds. So, I usually make it before my workout. I hope you enjoy either of these powders.

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