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Spartan Race training requires an extensive amount of running. And all those miles of running test the durability of any running shoe. In October, I was searching for a running shoe that could hold up with the spartan training. But, I also wanted it to be comfortable and able to hold up to trail and road runs. After a long search and trying out numerous shoes I arrived at the Nike Free RN Distance.


Once you put your feet in these shoes you do not want to take them off. They have a great cushion and fit nice and snug around your foot. It took me a little while to get the correct tightness for my feet. In the past I have always tied my shoes super tight, but with the Nike Free RN Distance it was better to have them a little looser. Also, they have the flywire technology. This is where cables, that are incorporated with the laces, wrap around your arch to give a unique fit. At first glance I thought these shoes would be a little wide, yet during the run it gives you plenty of space to spread out your toes. Because of the added space they are a great shoe to transition from the vibram five fingers or any minimalist running shoes.


So Far I have put in around 125 miles on the shoes. They have held up extremely well. In the photo are the shoes after the 125 miles. The bottom tread has shown little wear and tear. The upper part of the shoe has shown little to none wear and tear as well. For the most part I have taken this shoe on the treadmill or road. There have been only short appearances of trail. Overall I believe these shoes will last me awhile.


The Nike Free RN Distance are phenomenal shoes for Spartan Race training. The durability has been great and the comfort is something I have not ever felt in my previous running shoes. When I started getting my hip and knee pain from the minimalist shoes I decided to try more cushion out. Since using these nikes I have not had hip or knee pain. I would definitely recommend the Nike Free RN Distance. I would get them off of amazon, here are the exact pair I have. The color I have was not my first choice but for the price and what you get out of them, they are for sure the best bang for your buck. I hope you enjoy them!

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