Los Angeles Sprint 2016

Happy Holidays!

On the weekend of December 10th I participated in the LA Spartan Sprint. So, this was Spartan Races’ shortest distance. My placing was 9th in mens and overall and 1st in my age group. I was pretty happy with the turn out of this race. The Spartan World Championship set me back a bit, but now I  feel like I am back on track. After this race I noticed some different improvements I need to make.


There was only one thing that really affected me during this race and it was the hills. I did not expect to have run up so many hills in this race. I was not prepared for it. If I was physically ready for the hills, I know my placing would have been higher. In future training I need to incorporate more hills. The races always seem to go up and then come down. So, when on the treadmill I will have more hills at the beginning. Also, like I have mentioned in previous race posts, I need to increase the intensity of training. I can’t wait to work on these weakness to test them in the next race.


The sprinting  is something I tried doing at the beginning, but the hills were tough to get through. I have trouble determining whether I will have enough energy for the rest of the race. My pace is a major component I need to improve on. In addition, my worst fear came true!! I did not get the spear throw. It was closer to the end of the race and it added some major time. Three men passed me when I was doing burpees and it hurt me on endurance in the last stretch. I was super bummed about not getting this obstacle. The spear throw is so important because it is the difference between adding more than a minute onto your time or getting through an obstacle in under 10 seconds. Also the penalty burpees definitely affect your endurance. It is an essential if you want to get top 5 in a race.


Overall I was super happy with the obstacles, other than the spear throw. The obstacles that I had trouble with in the past include:

Bucket Brigade

My DIY bucket has helped a ton. The bucket workout here, really prepared me for this obstacle. I will definitely keep doing this for future races.

Sandbag Carry

The DIY sandbag in my previous post here, has been fantastic in preparing for this obstacle. I use a heavier sandbag for training and it definitely helped out. The one thing I need to do more of is hill sprints will the sandbag. Other than that its been great.

Hercules Hoist

I completed the hercules hoist! In the past couple months I succeed in putting on a couple of pounds. This really came in handy on this obstacle. Also, I have been incorporating more forearm training. My grip on the rope felt a lot stronger. In the future I need to just practice speed for this one.

Barbed Wire Crawl

I think this one will always be tough. When the barbed wire is put so low to the ground, I believe the best way to get through it is rolling. But, I get so dizzy once I come out of it that I need to take a couple of seconds to gather myself. I may just have to practice rolling and running quickly to have my body adapt.

Final Thoughts

Another successful race is in the books. I for sure wish I placed a little higher, but in the end I feel like I am back on track. My weaknesses are becoming more clear to me. Once I strengthen them I know I can consistently get in the top 5. My next race is the SOCAL Super at Lake Elsinore, CA on January 28th. I can’t wait and will let you know how it goes!

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