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For Spartan Races cardio should not be the only form of exercise in one’s training regime. Strength training is an extremely important part of getting prepared for race day. I started lifting when I was in 6th grade, which is way way way too young! However, it was pretty moderate until I got more serious when I was in high school. Throughout the years I have learned a great deal and found that compounds lifts have helped me the most. A compound lift is an exercise that incorporates many muscles. These include squats, deadlifts, bench press etc. The lifting routine below is something I have been using to train for the big race in Tahoe in October.

The Workout

You can perform the exercises below in any order that you desire. However, make sure to always perform squats before deadlifts. The deadlift uses the lower back extensively. When the lower back is already worked before squats it is more likely to have improper form and higher chances of injury. Also, there are some exercises I do as super sets. These are when one executes an exercise and then performs another right after.


-Squat superset Pull-ups

-Deadlift superset Push-ups

-Clean and Jerk superset Chin-ups

-Dumbbell Bench Press superset Cable Row

Sets and Repetitions

For the weight lifting exercises I try to perform 3 reps for 8 sets. The low reps is oriented for strength, while the high sets works on hypertrophy and endurance.  For the body weight exercises I perform the same number of sets, but the reps I adjust to something I can maintain for all 8 sets.


Overall this lifting routine has allowed me to see some major improvements. This includes in my running and overall strength for certain obstacles. I hope it provides similar results to those who want to try it!!


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