KT Tape and Rocktape Review


Recently, I sprained my ankle 2 weeks before a race, which I discuss here. Once I was able to run again, I wanted to stop using my ankle brace. My ideology is that my ankle’s muscles are relying on the brace and don’t need to strengthen. So, when I don’t use a brace, I must be more carful, but I am strengthening my ankle. In addition, I did not want to use the brace in the Spartan Race, but on my longer runs and especially on trails, I needed a little extra support for my ankle. That’s where KT Tape and Rocktape come in.

Kinesiology Tape

KT Tape and Rocktape are two brands of kinesiology tape. There are many ideas about what kinesiology tape can do for an individual. It gives extra support to an injured area, assists with pain and inflammation, directly affects muscle tone and much more. However, a lot of these ideas are under question if the tape actually does these things. Using the kinesiology tape for my ankle was my first experience with the technology. I thoroughly recommend it. Even if it doesn’t do the proposed benefits, it can act as a placebo, so you feel more comfortable when performing with your injury.

KT Tape vs Rocktape

KT Tape comes in pre-cut 10 inch strips, while you must cut your own strips with the Rocktape. The KT Tape pre cut strips are convenient, but prevent a customized tape job. I would prefer the Rocktape in that case.  Another difference is the packaging they come in. The KT Tape comes in a plastic container that is sealable, while the Rocktape is only in a paper container. In this case I prefer the KT Tape. Sometimes it rains at the location of the Spartan Race and the KT Tape container would protect it from moisture. That is practically the only differences between the two tapes.

Final Thoughts

Overall they are a great alternative to the bulky and sometimes heavy braces for certain injuries. Both of the tapes websites offer instructional videos on how to apply the tape for certain injuries. In addition, there are certain variations of the tapes that can be used in water. The water resistance is great for those Spartan Races where you traverse through bodies of water. I hope you don’t have an injury to need kinesiology tape, but if you do, KT Tape and Rocktape will do the job!!


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