Foam Roll Routine


The foam roller is an absolute essential for anyone who is active. You can get yourself a free massage after every workout, even though you have to put some work into it. In an earlier post I explained my usual foam rolling routine, since then I have refined it a bit and it has done wonders for myself.

Where to Buy

You can find a foam roller at most sports stores and online. I get mine from Amazon and mine is by the brand TriggerPoint. I also like to use the handheld versions of foam rollers to work on more precise areas. You can buy foam rollers that are tiny all the way to full body!

The Foam Roller I use: here

Handheld Foam Roller: here

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Here is a list of the body parts I foam roll in order.

1-Both Quads     2-Left Quad     3-Left IT Band     4-Right Quad     5-Right IT Band     6-Butt

7-Left cheek     8-Right cheek     9-Both Hamstrings     10-Left Hamstring     11-Right Hamstring

12-Both Calves     13-Right Calf     14-Left Calf     15-Left outer shin     16-Right outer shin

17-Left Hip Flexor     18-Right Hip Flexor     19-Entire Back

I usually set a stopwatch up on my phone try to roll each part for 30 seconds. I try to perform this routine after every workout, as well as on every rest day. It truly helps with my recovery.

To sum it up

As said before, for any active individual the foam roller is a must. It doesn’t have to just be used for recovery, but it can also be used for a warm up to get the blood flowing. I hope this routine helps you like it has helped me!!


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