Crossfit Workout #1

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When I fist started to lift weights I did the conventional split and the conventional routine. It was lift rest lift rest for each exercise. After becoming more knowledgeable about fitness I started to incorporate more intense workout tactics such as drop sets and super sets. This created a whole new realm for myself to workout in. I loved getting a great strength workout but at the same time challenging my endurance.

After doing these types of workouts for a while I then started trying out circuits. I loved the idea of constantly exercising yourself but allowing for a certain muscle group to rest while the other worked. This was like super sets but optimized. I would do a low intense circuit on my off days to keep my muscles working.

The circuits eventually led me to Crossfit. I have not ever been a member of a box, just because as a student it is so darn expensive. However, I try to do some of their workouts at the gym I workout in. In the past, I did one that has really exerted myself. There are mini circuits and supersets with in it that work strength and endurance. Here is a link to the workout; it is through Men’s Fitness. The amount of pull-ups and squat jumps are a little overwhelming at first, but once you get through them it feels so good. Also if you don’t have access to a rowing machine I did running instead and if you don’t have rings I replaced those with dips. Many Crossfit members can probably do this workout with minimal rest between circuits and exercises, but I need to take a lot of rest between them and sometimes during certain exercises. After doing this ircut for a little bit I wanted to get more variation. This led me to the Crossfit 28 day program. I think it has been training me well for the Spartan races.

I eventually want to join a Crossfit box in the future when I have a steady income, but for now what I am doing is sufficient.


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