Sorry  I have not posted anything in awhile I have been in summer session for school and it has been pretty hectic. Since the last time I posted something I did the spartan race in Boise Idaho. It was a sprint so it was the shorter distance and lower number of obstacles. Overall I got 15th in the elite heat, which I was very happy about considering the week before I took a surf trip in Mexico and did not run at all and had a few beers and margaritas!! ha!  The race was the toughest one I have been in so far. It was a major elevation gain and when I thought I was done with one hill another one was there to greet me. The obstacles were solid and they had the ones that I have the most trouble with and of course they were at the end when I was pretty winded. But, I was able to do the hercules hoist, which was a major accomplishment for myself! I trained pretty hard for that one. The biggest thing I had trouble with was just the running itself. The hill climbs was something I was not prepared for and the distance was a little longer than the usual sprint. I knew that the running was something I had to improve in order for me to get top ten in the next race. The obstacle that I had the most trouble with is where you have to sit on the ground and pull a metal bin filled with some weight. The bin got caught on some dirt and it was hard to pull it over. One thing I noticed at the beginning of the race is that most of the guys who get top ten go to the start line early and try to be the first one to begin the race. They almost start out sprinting to get ahead of the pack and gain a solid lead. So, I think I just need to also improve on having a very fast pace at the beginning of the race , but still have the endurance to have a fast pace for the rest of it. So, basically I need to improve my running.

For training, the treadmill is my best friend because of the incline, I live in a very flat city so I need without the treadmill I wouldn’t be doing to well on my hill sprints. To improve my speed I have been setting the treadmill to incline of 10% or above and doing sprints ranging from 10-30 seconds 15 to 20 times. The Spartan Race WOD gave a workout of:

10 second sprint with a 10 second rest 10 times

20 second sprint with a 20 second rest 4 times

30 second sprint with a 10 second rest 2 times

I try to start out with a pretty high intensity for the 10 second sprints but have the highest intensity for the 20 second sprint. For the 30 second sprints I try to have the same intensity as the 10 second ones. To improve my endurance I use the treadmill and vary it at different speeds and inclines to try to match the most basic terrain. For the uphill I put it at 10% or above and try to maintain my desired speed for around 0.15 miles. For the flats I have a 4% incline and attempt to maintain my speed for around 0.4 to 0.6 miles. And for the downhill I just put it on 0% and run for around 0.3 miles. I switch off between these and try to run around 5 miles total. After the 5 miles I go to the stair stepper and go at a high intensity for around 20 minutes to really reenact those steep hills in the race. For strength training I do the 28 day crossfit program. I have been switching off between a cardio day and crossfit day. Even if the crossfit day has cardio in it the more cardio the better. The crossfit program has been great. There are times where the suggested weight is something I just can’t do so I just lower the weight and sometimes up the reps as well.

The next race I had was the San Francisco Super. I will put up a post next week with the results and how I need to train for the next race.


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