AT&T Spartan Race

Last Saturday I participated in a Spartan Race located at AT&T Park in San Francisco. After this race I decided to train for them a lot more than I have in the past. I hope I can possibly participate in them competitively in the future. I will make sure to share my experiences on this journey through workouts, DIY obstacles and the Spartan races I participate in.

After reflecting on my AT&T race I made a game plan of what I need to improve on for future races. First are a couple of obstacles that I have been successful in or am worried about not being successful in. The Hercules Hoist is one I have been unsuccessful in. This is where you pull up a sandbag by a pulley. I want to make my own to incorporate in my training. The other obstacle is the javelin. I have made it most of the time but I just see it as something I can easily mess up in.

For training I felt that I was pretty conditioned for the race but can definitely improve. I want to incorporate more sprints and runs into my routine. I started the crossfit 28 day program I mentioned in another post. I am not following the day by day but instead doing a crossfit day and then a cardio day. So far the crossfit program has been great full body workouts that build functional strength and challenge my endurance. The perfect combination for obstacle races. I recommend it for those of you who enjoy cross training. I have been doing more sprint routines either on the treadmill or outside utilizing a hill as well. I am going to try to do sprints always on a major incline. I believe that would help with the hills or stairs in future Spartan races.

I am super excited to pursue this dream of mine. The next race I want to compete in is the Boise Sprint in late June. This one is outdoors unlike the stadium AT&T one. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ll also make sure to share with you the DIY obstacles and workouts I do while training.



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