Product Review: New Balance Minimus with Vibram Technology

Cardio is a huge component of a workout plan. It is essential to get in optimal shape. Running has only been a big part of my workout routine recently. It especially has become important for my training for Spartan Races. When I first started to workout I did not incorporate cardio so much because I was playing basketball all the time, but since now I am not playing any sports I have increased the amount I run immensely.        
     At the beginning of my senior year in high school I sprained my left ankle and broke my right in a 4 month time span. After these two incidents I researched the importance of shoes when it comes to fitness. This led me to the book Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall. Through this book I learned that we pretty much don’t need shoes and that as humans we have evolved to run long distances. Not necessarily fast but long. The shoes we have been creating have just been making our feet and the structures around it weaker. This is because with, lets say, high top shoes, the ankle can lean on the high top for support, which makes it work less. So, if you use something less this will lead to it not having to be as strong. That could be why I hurt both of my ankles.
     After learning these concepts I researched some shoes that go along with this idea. In the book they mentioned the Nike Pegasus because it had less support than the normal shoe. It is important to take your time when transitioning to less supportive shoes to make sure your feet and ankles have time to adjust. I really didn’t do that and went straight for the top. The Vibrams. First, I went with the five finger toed shoes that essentially are just padding for the bottom of the feet. After my first run the area around my achilles was so sore, but it felt good to strengthen my ankles up. Next, I moved to the Minimus by New Balance(I linked the newer version). These are conventional shoes, but have no support and only padding for the bottom of the foot. My ankles are now stronger than ever since this transition. I recommend to all my friends to invest in these types of shoes because they help with your future ankle strength so much.  I use to roll my ankles all the time, but now it rarely happens.

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