HIIT Sandbag Workout

After making your sandbag from my previous post here, we can now put it to use. Sandbags don’t have to be just for strength. Through high intensity interval training (HIIT) you can incorporate endurance too. It is a great way to work both energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic.


During HIIT, you switch between high intensity intervals and low or moderate intensity intervals. You get your heart rate up quickly and easily maintain it. Cardio and strength exercises can be included into a HIIT workout. The workout below is mostly cardio, but the sandbag adds a strength component.

The Workout

For this workout you will need to find a hill that you can run up for 1-2 minutes continuously. If you use a treadmill, set the incline to 5-10%. Whatever is best for you.


-Jog at 50% for 5 minutes

-Arm circles forwards and backwards, 10 times each

Main workout:

-Run 1-2 minutes

-Rest half the time you ran

-Sprint with sandbag 30 sec – 1 minute

-Rest half the time you sprinted


This is just one HIIT workout you can incorporate into your routine. I find this workout to be a great way to train for the sandbag carry and hill climbs during Spartan Races. Also, you can switch this workout up by sprinting with no sandbag and running with one. Just make sure to change the time durations for each too. Either way it is a great way to improve on the sandbag carry. I hope it works well for you!!


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Sandbag Superset Workout

When it comes to the sandbag, I sometimes need to rev my heart rate up a little more. I designed my previous sandbag workout for strength, but with some supersets my endurance is tested. For this workout you can use the exercise listed in my sandbag workout. The following exercises are what I use to superset with the sandbag exercises.



Pull up

Chin up



Dumbbell Circles with Forearms

For the most part I superset the sandbag exercises with upper body exercises. My sandbag workouts are usually lower body based, so I want to give my body a good balance. I always do the sandbag exercise first and I use different muscle groups in the super set exercises. Here is a sample workout.

Sample Workout

(Sandbag exercise reps – Bodyweight exercise reps – sets/rest between sets)

Superset 1

Zercher Squat 10 – Pull Up 5 – 3-5/45sec

Superset 2

Good Morning 10 – Pushup 12 – 3-5/45sec

Superset 3

Lunge to Step Up 5 (each leg) – Chin Up 5 – 3-5/45sec

Superset 4

Snatch 10 – Dip 5 – 3-5/45sec

Superset 5

Clean and Press 10 – Dumbbell Circles with Forearms 10 (each way) – 3-5/45sec

For the super set sandbag workout I use the lighter out of my two sandbags, which is about 50 lbs. My goal is to really exert my body to challenge my endurance. You can switch out any exercises depending on your liking.


I have really enjoyed this type of workout.  It prepares me well for the Spartan Race tempo. I hope it works as well for you as it does for me!


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