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We are a young couple living in Stockholm, Sweden with a passion for both vegan cooking and fitness, thanks for stopping by!
-all recipes are both vegan & gluten-free-

Meet Mitch

Hi, my name is Mitch and I am a recent neurobiology, physiology and behavior graduate from the University of California, Davis. I am a certified personal trainer and a fitness freak ever since my first visit to the gym. I love to follow workout routines as well as create own, especially when I have limited equipment. My favorite running partner is our dog, Dwayne. Not only does he push me, but I push him. Other than working out I love surfing and exploring in my free time. Here on the blog I am the fitness specialist as well as the food critic. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Meet Majken

Hi! My name is Majken and I am the food creator of this blog! I love making new recipes as well as trying out recipes from other blogs. I have had a lot of dietary restrictions growing up so the recipes will always be both gluten-free and vegan! I went vegan almost two years ago (although I had been flip flopping from different diets for years) and I instantly fell in love with the lifestyle and how it made me feel! I don’t think you have to sacrifice taste or creativity when becoming vegan, you just have to practice what makes vegan food taste great! Besides from cooking I love art and spend a lot of my time in the ceramics studio or experimenting with different mediums. I am excited to share recipes and my tried and trusted food favorites!

Meet Dwayne

Dwayne is our little pup! He is our little baby (we adopted him in January 2016) and he is our perfect third musketeer! He comes almost everywhere with us and loves to get to workout with his best friend Mitch.

Why we are Vegan?

We are vegan for a variety of reasons but the main three are for the environment, for our health and for the humane treatment of animals.

Check out some great documentaries that helped us go vegan:



  1. Just read your blog. anxious to try out recipes. I’ll leave the spear throwing and running to you. But I will walk-not run my dog every day.

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